The Insanely Jealous Narcissist

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

It’s no secret that Narcissists are extreme control freaks.  They consider their partners, children, and flying monkeys as their personal possessions, to be used and manipulated for their own selfish needs and wants.  They insist on having their way in all interactions and almost always have an agenda.  Even seemingly innocent exchanges are often contrived and premeditated as a means to an end.

Failure to comply with the Narcissists’ point of view is considered an attack on their perceived superiority.  Anytime you voice concerns about their behaviors, you are considered problematic and you must make the necessary adjustments to pacify them.  Their sense of ownership is one reason why their abuse escalates as their relationships get more serious over the passage of time.  The longer you stay with a control-freak narcissist, the more he thinks of you as his personal property.

This possessiveness is the foundation of the narcissist’s mindset. …

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