Two Years Ago

The first time that he hit me, we were at a restaurant with my “friends”. He smacked me in the face, in public, in front of my FRIENDS. He didn’t even pretend that it was an accident. He didn’t apologize. In fact, when I moved my chair away from him he yelled, “What?!? You don’t want to sit by me now?!?” I said, “You just hit me. NO I don’t want to sit by you now.” No response, no acknowledgement that he hit me. More pouting, more texting whomever, more nastiness.

Like most of what he did, it had more than one purpose. He had been verbally trying to beat me into submission all day, along with my youngest child. I was supposed to have a girls night out later that evening, but he threw such a fit about it that he ended up coming with.

Why do that, hit me in public, in front of who should have been my support system? He was testing to see what I would do, and what they would do. It’s no surprise then that she was who he used to harass and stalk me at work, as they did nothing.


2 thoughts on “Two Years Ago

  1. Nice to see a post from you. Did he hit you to ‘test you’? No, he hit you in public showing how much control he had over you, he had already ‘beaten’ you mentally into submission. And that is what makes these people so evil.

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