The Verdict Is In: Mandate Domestic Violence Training for Judges

Mandatory Domestic Violence Training for Judges

Law enforcement officers, social workers, health care professionals, teachers, and other state employees have been pushed to learn about the dynamics of domestic violence, but one crucial group of people is sometimes overlooked—our judges.

It is not uncommon for a victim to change his or her story or to feel uncertain while in court. It is the judge’s role and responsibility to not only rule fairly but also to understand the position of the victim—a position often driven by fear and confusion.

Kentucky judges recently decided that the previously mandatory domestic violence training for judges should now be optional. This is concerning not only because every individual in law enforcement and court should go through DV training, but also because it is not enough to allow judges to attend trainings as they see fit.

On my own college campus there are many “Step Up” trainings held to foster bystander…

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