Save The Drama For Your Mamma or The End!

BYEfeliciapicThe last of JR’s flying monkey/shit stirrers/current is gone, she walked off the job the other day. Well, she walked off and came back, and then quit AGAIN. The last time finally took.

goodluckandtakecareThis means that I never have to deal with her again. Never. She will have no legitimate reason to contact me what so ever.

Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary

Although I haven’t laid eyes on her since I left that store, I still had some (forced) interaction with her due to work. She’d call over by us and if I was the unfortunate person to get the phone she’d hem and haw, wasting my time. I had decided that she had 15 seconds to get to the point of her call, otherwise I was hanging up.

wpid-screen-shot-2013-01-20-at-10-26-50-pm.pngSome of the stories I would hear of her behavior out of that store, were pretty amazingly awful. The nap in her car (See: was just the tip of the iceberg. It went from that to overstepping boundaries and calling her coworkers day job to ask them if they could let him go for the day because she needed him, all the way to sexually harassing another of her coworkers with JR. In the end she walked out because she was working too many hours, which really tickled me. Not too long ago she wanted to be store manager, how many hours did she think she’d be working then? I know! Everything would magically fall into place if she were store manager, the shit storm she helped to create would just disappear. Because, magic. Tehe

So it’s come almost completely full circle. It took five months for them to fully implode at my old store. This has been very validating for me. The best part of this is that I didn’t have to do anything except for remove myself from their circus.

revengecardWhen I left JR he tried his damnedest to have me homeless, jobless, and friendless. While he succeeded in the homeless part for a while, he didn’t get my job. I’m doing much better where I am now. Much like when he logged into my online tax account, he inadvertently did me a favor. I make more money now then I did before, with no where near the amount of stress. As far as the friends go, it was yet another favor, since they ultimately showed me that they were definitely no friends of mine, and I’m much better off without them. I’ve grown closer to the sincere, supportive people in my life.

There have not been any other flying monkeys recently, so I’m happy to say that I believe that the persistent harassment/stalking is done. I’m aware that they may swoop around if they become bored in the future. I’m also happy to be wrong about them coming around my house. After a year and a half about being right about their insanity, this is a refreshing change. Now to get used to being left alone. That might sound strange, but this has been the “norm” for so long.


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