I’m celebrating the one year anniversary of leaving the Drunken Disfunctional Duo. (That was the second to last step in leaving Crazy Town, population 3.) D.D.D. = ex friend/narcopath’s current and her then meantime/on to-the-next-sorry sap-guy that we temporarily stayed with. For her, the situation was great, for my youngest and I, it was horrible. I made my escape from there without warning either of them, preferring a homeless shelter to dealing with them, and not telling them where we were going. I remember fantasizing about sleeping in my car at one point before we went into the shelter.

Last year was a very rough year. We moved five times after I left the narcopath, before I was able to secure an apartment. It seemed that everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

Eventually, ex friend reported my phone as “stolen”, cutting off my phone service. My car completely broke down on moving weekend, packed to the roof with my kid & animal inside. I walked to work for a month or so before someone let me make payments to get another car. I dreaded going to work (due to the narcopath & his FM’s at my job) and only had plans to stay until I found an apartment (for job history).

In the last four months I transferred stores, finally getting completely away from the narcopath and his now current (ex friend/coworker) and his flying monkey. It’s been over two months since he’s sent anyone to “talk” to me, fingers crossed that he’s finally done. Maybe her excessive mirroring of me has actually helped with this, I don’t know. As long as they BOTH stay away from me, I’m happy.


2 thoughts on “Anniversary!!

  1. Congratulations on surviving all the ordeals! I know it has been a tough, tough road for you! And these 2 months of no flying monkey’s, 2 months of no contact with the Narcissist is the beginning of your new life. No need to look over your shoulder anymore. Apparently they have all found a new victim to screw over, mentally mind fuck etc. You did it, when you thought there was no escape, you found one and DID IT!!!!

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    • Each time there’s a lull I hope it’s finally the end. I don’t doubt that if they get bored, or their other targets get away from them, they’ll try to circle back. But I’m so much further in my healing that it doesn’t affect me like they would like it to.

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