Dare I Say Anything?

Pssst He’s made it longer than two months and two days. I don’t know exactly how long, as I’m not bothering to count, I knew that I was rooting for the end of June. Maybe, just maybe, he will finally stop. I don’t want to say anything half the time as he usually does something right after I tell anyone of my observation. Last time I wrote about it two days later it’s texts from the old roommate.

There was a coincidental old-neighbor-who’s-friends-with-CB’s-protégé at my old store run in, at my work. (Big surprise) I’m some what convinced that my store is a vortex of some sort.

The two flying monkeys are still up to their nonsense. JR’S current is putting up the front that she’s not friends with D because she’s “done with all abusive relationships” (yet she’s with my ABUSER, what a joke) but had D watch her pet while they went to the annual event that JR brings all his currents to. Oh the liars. All three of them deserve each other.  Now if they would only keep their poison amongst each other without involving innocent people in their insanity.


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