Thursday Thought — “Am I the One Mistreating Him?”

A Cry For Justice

Life with a controlling partner can become a twisted world where bad is good, down is up, and wrong is right.  Many women over the years have said to me, “My partner tells me that I’m the one abusing him.  How do I know if it’s him or me?”

Read the following concepts, taking a deep breath after each one so that you can absorb it.

One:  You are not responsible for his behavior.  You do not make him do things.  His actions are his own choice.


Two:  You deserve to be treated well even when you make mistakes, and even if you make them a lot.


Three:  Setting firm, clear limits for how your partner is allowed to treat you is not the same thing as controlling him, and should not be called control.


Four:  Choosing to not always put your partner’s needs ahead of your…

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