Leaving an Abusive Relationship Isn’t Easy (Part 2) — Stalking behavior by the abuser

A Cry For Justice

StalkingHow the abuser behaves when the victim is on the cusp of leaving

Let’s consider the abuser’s sudden nice behavior when he has either been told by the victim that she is leaving, or he suspects that she may leave.  I would like to suggest that the abuser’s new acts of kindness have nothing to do with a repentant heart, as the church often wants victims to believe, but rather the abuser’s improved behavior is the sign of stalking behavior.

“Oh, now wait,” you may be thinking, “Not stalking?  That’s a bit harsh?  Isn’t stalking what a really bad guy does when he becomes obsessed with a woman he doesn’t really even know that well, and he ends up abducting and killing her?”  Well, that is what movies often portray, but in fact, no, that is a myth.  De Becker describes stalking as having two broad categories:  unwanted pursuit by a…

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