One Flying Monkey Down, One to Go

I’m trying not to gloat too much.

It appears that she did put her notice in a couple/few weeks ago, and promptly took her vacation. (I don’t blame her for that.) This past Monday other flying monkey/JR’s current put in her bid for the store manager position, because you know, she’s entitled and delusional. She parroted the same, “If this store was run the way *I* want it to run it wouldn’t be like this” bs that the first flying monkey spewed. They’re two sides of the same coin those two.

Funny story ~ last week Monday we had to send someone to their store to pick something up. When our person arrived there was no one in front of the store. He waited, a few more customers walked in, and still no one comes to the front. When their commercial manager finally came up she said she was alone, and had been for several hours. At 8am C.B. told her that she would be back in an hour, our person was there around 10 or 11 am and she wasn’t back yet. That’s when one of the customers spoke up and said C.B. was out front in the parking lot sleeping in her car. She asked our person to go out and ask C.B. to come back inside. He knocked on her car window, she rolled over and snapped “what??” at him. He told her she was needed inside. She then told him, “She bailed on me yesterday so I’m on my extended lunch nap now.” and rolled back over. Store manager behavior right there. Here she had the opportunity to run that store how she wanted, she was in charge, her store manager was on vacation. Instead of running the store she pitched a fit and sat in her car, right out front where her Co worker could see her so she’d know that she’s right there and refusing to help. She easily could have went home, JR’s house is about two minutes away, but instead she did that. ~

Our district manager informed the first flying monkey that she won’t be finishing out the rest of her time, yesterday was her last day there. Also, to all of our disappointment, C.B. will not be their new store manager, they gave that promotion to an assistant manager from a different store. I really was hoping she would get it, I think it would have been hilarious.

I have a great idea (personal experience) as to how much insubordination that new store manager will experience. Not at first of course. She’ll probably play nice for a little while, but that won’t last.

Last month I was sent to a training class that was full of store managers and assistant managers ( I am no longer an assistant manager, I was demoted to a step down, still part of the management team). After that meeting I asked my manager why I keep finding myself in these classes that don’t reflect my job title. (This has been the case for years now) He told me that they’d probably give me a store, if I wanted it and that’s why they keep sending me to these things.

I’ve told him no since my review last year. I don’t feel ready for that position. I feel like I need school or more management training or both. When this came up with the flying monkey asking to step down, he threatened to tell our DM that I should do it. No. Way. No no no no no no no no no.

Going back there would have been a nightmare come true.


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