I’ve done what I can to keep my home address a secret. Everyone, including and especially work, has a P.O. Box for me. There were a couple security breaches last month.

First, I had to change my address with corporate. Even though I no longer work at the other store, because of her position, the narcopath’s current has access to my personal information. It was in the system for two weeks before I could change it back to my P.O Box.

Second, a regular customer from my old store saw me leaving my apartment. By the time I saw him next and told him he can’t tell those nut jobs where I live, it was too late. I could tell by the look on his face. It’s not at all his fault, he was probably making small talk. I only told a few people why I was leaving that store.

I figure if those two pull anything next, it will be by my house. We’ll see if I’m wrong.


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