The Karma Bus Keeps on Rollin


Sometimes you’re lucky enough to get to watch it. The inevitable demise of my old store and their new store manager is upon them. In a meager three short months she has decided that she is quitting. Supposedly she has already put in her notice, although I won’t believe it until she is no longer there as she’s been threatening to quit for about two years, give or take.

She finally stopped begging me to come back and switched gears to the pity play. (That didn’t work on me either) Every one else is running her store into the ground. It’s not at all due to her poor management skills, and poor choices she made. She promoted C.B. into my old position, after crying about firing her. Good call.

People consistently feel the need to tell/vent to my manager and I about how screwed up that store is since we left. I knew how things would be with my store manager leaving, which is why I asked him to take me with. As bad as their behavior was when he was there, it was no where near as bad as it is now. It’s like Lord of the Flies over there now.

Although C.B. got the promotion she wanted, her behavior hasn’t changed. It didn’t magically make her do her job, if anything it reinforced her sense of entitlement to not do anything.

I don’t think I’ve laughed as much as I have in the last three months, nearly daily, in my whole life. After the last year and a half I deserve to laugh, and they have not disappointed. Where did I put my popcorn?


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