Two Months and Two Days

At least it’s headed in the right direction. I started his clock from the day he was hanging out at the store, before I transferred to my new store. Two months and two days  and then came the text from the old roommate (Saturday April 25th).


He’s “still in touch with JR”. Well, no shit, you don’t say? I never would have guessed it. Translation of the first text from him: I still talk to JR, and JR still knows what you’re up to, where you’re working, and thinks he’s privy to information about me and my boss leaving.

M2_2015-04-25-14-29-30       M3_2015-04-25-17-05-14

My response to him, kept it business, state the facts. If he’s really not fishing for information to pass along to JR (fat chance) he’ll respond appropriately. “No, absolutely not. Etc, etc” He would immediately reassure me that’s not what’s going on. When I contacted P (the ex before me) she was weary that I was his current fucking with her. I was looking for answers, not fishing for information to abuse her with, and I acted accordingly. Well, old roommate did not. It took him three days to come up with his lame response. I was not “nice” in return. I went off, and blasted all of them and stirred some shit while I was at it. It is profanity laced, so be warned.

M4_2015-04-28-14-18-46   M5_2015-04-30-16-51-34  M6_2015-04-30-16-51-41 Mfinal_2015-04-30-20-46-06

Notice how much he dialed back the JR bs? He came at me really strongly with that first text. I haven’t heard from him since, much like back in January. He also gets extra creepy points for telling me he’s getting fixed. I have never been interested in him sexually, and never would be. Him telling me that is creepy and weird.

to be continued…because it’s late, but their drama is constant. ~Edited and finished 6/08/2015


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