Glorious Silence


I’m almost passed the two month mark. Two full months of me being completely away from him and his flying monkeys. There’s been no sending of people to talk to me, no sudden text messages from ex roommates, no sending his parents into my work. I can hardly believe it. I’ve become used to waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’ve gotten excited before, last summer he went 26 days without doing something. The longest time period before that was when I had the temporary restraining order, that was two months of peace.

Not that my old coworkers haven’t tried to draw me back into their insanity packed drama, they have. 12 days at the new job and I get a phone call (at work) from FM/new store manager, begging me to come back. “Please come back, I’ll send C.B. over there. She wants to go over there, to be the assistant manager. Please come back. She’s driving me crazy, she wants to be my assistant manager.” Me, “No, I can’t come back. Why not make her your assistant manager? Why would she want to come here?” I kept telling her no, I would not come back. The only connection that the narcopath still had to me, was that fucking store. That was it. I had cut off every other connection.


I have settled into the new store nicely. Things have improved greatly at that store, numbers, better customer service. It’s been a good thing. And it’s so calm there. My stress level has decreased dramatically. Even still I figured that it’s inevitable that JR will pop up sometime. I told my manager that it’s just a matter of time. He told me that if he, and the other customer who was talking about his penis with C.B. (to make me uncomfortable) come to this store, he’s going to kick them out and tell them they have to shop at the other store. Finally!! I also asked him about C.B. coming there and he said no way. That before he was sent to the new store, he decided that he was going to find her replacement since she was causing so many problems there. Another YAY! I don’t have to worry about her following me there.


March 28th, D comes into work, and begs me again to come back. Making me all these promises. She’ll give me my promotion back, it’s her discretion. She wants to fire C.B. C.B. still won’t do her job (she also got promoted after I left, but not the promotion she wanted.) That store is crashing and burning, along with everyone in it. My thoughts are that she made this bed, and now she can lie in it. If I would have stayed there it would have been the two of them against me, with Crazy on the side. I reiterated to her again that I have to stay away from Crazy Asshole. She tried lying saying that he doesn’t come in anymore, that C.B. usually buys his stuff for him. I told her no, AGAIN. Then D’s boyfriend says that he thinks that C.B. is getting frustrated with JR. That she’s got an infection. (SURPRISE!!! Looks like he *is* doing to you the same he did to me. Go figure.) She should get used to getting lots of infections, just like I did. I also let her know that if JR tried to come there, he’d be told to leave. I’m not going back.

For April Fool’s Day I contemplated telling D that my manager and I talked about it, and we decided that I could go back over there, and she could send C.B. to this store. I decided that it was hilarious, but too mean, so I didn’t. I had a great laugh about it though.

There was a sighting of JR, I believe it was a coincidence. We were driving home from the grocery store and passed him walking down the street. Which is highly unusual for him. He eyeballed my car as we passed by. I thought that would end up spurring something, but so far there’s been nothing.

On the 15th of this month I got a call from the newest person at that store. I was occupied when she called, and was given the message to call her back. I dreaded it, feeling that I was probably going to regret it. We played phone tag, and when she got me on the phone she wanted to know if I was in the back alone. She then proceeds to ask me who I thought would steal her pain medication. She didn’t want to point fingers at anyone (but she wanted me to) Seriously?? I kept saying I don’t know. It was a very strange, awkward, uncomfortable conversation. The only reason I called back was I thought it was actually something work related. Wrong. The level of insanity at that store is off the charts. I am so, so glad that I’m not there anymore, and really wish that I had moved over here sooner.


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