Meanwhile, Back in Opposite World…Part 2

I went into fight or flight mode, immediately. The shaking started, and I was in a panic. While my store manager hadn’t done a bang up job so far of keeping Crazy Asshole away from me, I knew that he did at least keep the drama down between the two Flying Monkeys at work. Without him there to put the kybosh on their bad behavior, I knew that D wouldn’t do anything to keep Crazy Asshole out. I knew that C.B. would start having him in the store, hanging out, constantly. I knew that I had to get out, fast. I talked to my boss that Friday night, almost hysterically asking him if I could go with to the other store.

The very next day, after I had left for the day, C.B. did just what I knew she would. She had Crazy hanging out in the store, and let him use the store’s fax machine. I stayed at that store for a week, and they let me transfer to the other store. I started at the other store (my new store) on February 22nd. D was very upset, and supposedly hurt, that I asked to leave now that she was the store manager. See how I’m expected to show her loyalty, while she stabbed me in the back, repeatedly, for over a fucking year? I was expected to stay there, and help her do well in her new position. Pffffffffft Are these people serious??? “Now you be a good doormat and stay here.” No thanks!

As when we left C.B. and “J” back in August, I know that it will be a matter of time before C.B. and JR implode. It will be epic. Again she’s/he’s bonding with another person, over being cruel to me. He hadn’t stopped, but instead was finding new and improved ways to try to get to me. D finally wouldn’t tell him if I was working, so C.B. and him came up with the next best thing, a live in schedule! Someone who could get to me on a nearly daily basis. Up till then I had been parking my new car away from work, so he wouldn’t know what I was driving, or when I was at work. No need to do that anymore. She had been regularly throwing fits, and not doing her job. I had finally gotten to the point of talking to my boss about her. She had actually become combative at work, with everyone but him, of course. For him she reserved the tears. (I fell for those too, once.) I was documenting everything figuring that if I complained about anything that she did, she would say that my real problem was that she was living with my ex. So I found myself walking on eggshells again, only now it was at work instead of in JR’s house, but it was still largely due to him. I dreaded going there.


I realized that since meeting me and subsequently meeting JR, C.B. had been hedging her bets the entire time. JR was inappropriate with her nearly immediately. They had begun texting each other, behind my back, almost right away. She was still with her long term boyfriend at that time, that was just before she started cheating on him with the one who tried to kill her. When I fled him, moving in with her, she put on a good show, at first, about telling him that he didn’t have permission to contact my daughter (she owned that phone my daughter was using). After he started coming into work like gangbusters, she gave him her number, “So that she could keep him away from me, and so I would know when he was planning on coming into work.” (So helpful!) I asked her not to. I’m sure that they were in communication the entire time since I left him. She made sure that she had another place to go, rent free again, after leaving J’s place. Even better to get back at me for not being her doormat and putting up with her bad behavior. Hindsight is great, isn’t it?

But, we get to now. Now, I’ve gone to the store across town, the one that I rather he went to over the last year. The one where it’s on court record that’s “too far for him to go”, at least that’s what his attorney argued. Still with my old boss, but different employees. The store with the bad attitude, bad customer service. I was demoted, but at that point I didn’t care, I just wanted out.

On to the next part…


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