Meanwhile, Back in Opposite World…Part 1

So much to catch up on. First off, I have been fantastic! I no longer have a constant cloud of dread and anxiety hanging over me. It’s been a long, exhausting fight, getting to this place.

Back in January (The 8th) JR was still up to his old tricks, he sent in my ex coworker to “talk” to me and had our ex roommate “M” text me. (On the same day, as has happened before. It’s kind of a give away) The ex coworker came in fishing for information on where I lived now, I abruptly shut him down, telling him that because of Crazy NO ONE gets to know where I live. He also asked if I was working the next night, under the pretext of coming back. In another of the AMAZING COINCIDENCES that consistently surround JR, JR called the store the next night, the very night that ex coworker asked about. Supposedly looking for parts, which as usual, we didn’t have, but the other store did (yet he never went there to get them, what a surprise!) He tried pretty hard to get me on the phone. The first time he called my coworker answered, JR asked if C.B was working (knowing full well that she wasn’t, I’m sure), and decided that he had to call back. I still didn’t answer the phone. Funnily enough, they were those parts from back when he lost his shit and screamed at his FM on the phone. He so desperately needed them! That happened back in November, this is two months later!

During this time C.B. simply reveled in talking to me about her house, and her new pet, and her trip to go get her pet. They (C.B and JR) took their first couple vacay in January, driving down to Georgia for several days to visit her friends and relatives and to rescue an animal. I used the Grey Rock method constantly at work by now. Flat, monotone responses, no questions, no reactions, yet noting the look of pleasure she would get on her face every time she mentioned her home. She pretended that she didn’t think I knew that she was living with him with our coworkers. She tried to save face with everyone telling them that she wasn’t with him, she was just renting a room from him. (In order to rent a room, you actually have to PAY rent. She finally admitted to T that she was not paying anything.) The one and only  thing I said to my coworkers was that if anyone deserved to be together, it was definitely those two. They are so very much alike.

As far as the ex roommate, he sent an extremely odd, out of left field text. He asked, “If they made a movie about your life, who would be the starring role?” I couldn’t resist the urge to really fucking give it to him, I don’t care that it was pretty passive aggressive. I’ve spent well over a year of doing what I am supposed to do to make that Crazy Asshole go away, to no avail. My answer to him was Bridget Fonda, co starring Jennifer Jason Leigh. Or Annabella Sciorra, co starring Rebecca De Mornay. It could also be Julia Roberts co starring Patrick Bergin *winkey face* ~They’re stars of the movies Single White Female, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle and Sleeping with the Enemy.~ All movies that I can definitely relate to, unfortunately. He quickly exited stage right.

I was angry and decided to call him out. I asked him what was up with me only hearing from him every six months or so, he quickly turned it on me, calling me a “silly girl” (repeatedly) and that he never hears from me. (not true) He asked how I’ve been and I told him. Boy did I ever. I told him that my life is relatively drama free, even though Crazy Asshole still tries to stir up shit with cunt bucket. He feigns ignorance of what I’m talking about. I told him that Crazy Asshole is still up to his same ‘ole same ‘ole won’t go away BS and that dealing with badly behaved toddlers is tiring, that I stay as far away as I’m able. That C.B was pissed that I was promoted at work, and constantly throws fits now, and JR always has to have the circus, getting as many people as possible involved in coming into my work, and that the both of them get off on it. That I’m back in my OWN place, WITH electricity, with no cunt buckets or crazy, abusive, stalking assholes. I also told him that I had a nice chat with the ex before me over the summer, that I found out some more psychotic shit about him, that she verified what I’d already thought about his lying, cheating, psychotic ass and that her and I keep in touch. He ends the conversation saying he wants to stay in touch, that was January 10th. I heard from him again on March 28, in what I figure was a mass text about March Madness. Haven’t heard from him since, no surprise there.

Friday February 13th, I had off. I get a text from another of my coworkers telling me that my store manager is being sent to the other store across town, that the FM (that I kept asking to step out of the middle) is the new store manager.



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