It Never Ends…

I haven’t felt like writing much, for several reasons. First, I haven’t logged into my WordPress app on my replacement phone yet. Second, I’ve really just been working and enjoying my apartment, and the solitude it gives me. It’s been a lot of Netflix marathons, and hanging out with my kids and pets.

To catch up. I posted back in the beginning of August that I thought The Underminer would stoop to getting involved with the ex narcopath. I have to say that in this last year, there haven’t been many times that I’ve been wrong about predicting their bad behavior, usually I’m wrong about thinking that maybe they’ve finally stopped now. What has she done? She moved from “J’s” house into my ex’s house. That’s right. She’s living with the ex narcopath.  Not only that, she’s dyed her hair the same color as mine. Creepy. The whole situation reminds me of the movie Single White Female. I have no doubt that she will be wearing the lingerie, corset, and dress that he bought me, that I left behind. So, so gross. Very disturbing. I will now call her C.B. which is two fold, like C.B. radio because she likes to broadcast everything, and Cunt Bucket because that one makes me laugh.

I knew something was up when she suddenly stopped talking over me/answering for me, and was very cat who ate the canary with me. So very pleased with herself, too helpful and sweet. Disgusting. Things fell apart with “J” rather quickly after my daughter and I left them to themselves. I also knew that would happen, since they were no longer bonding over the us against them crap.


To be continued because of course there’s more…


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