A Long Time Coming

I allowed myself to get a little excited today. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. Waiting for him to FINALLY lose his shit at my job.

So to recap a bit. I left the narcopath on Dec 12th of last year. He started his payback/punishment campaign with a bang last Christmas Eve (posting the nude pics on the internet, and texting men to set me up for a sexual encounter – to be sexually assaulted essentially), two weeks after I left. He stayed on the two week clock for months, where there would be an incident or appearance every two weeks like clock work. The intent was to get me fired from my job, or get me to quit. So I would be jobless, AND homeless. My boss told me that the legal department told him that the only way we could keep him out of the store was if I got a restraining order against him, which I tried and failed to do back in March. Or if he did other things to me while I was working, exactly what I don’t know, maybe assault me? He managed to turn “friends” against me, used them to gain information on me. I had a screaming match (at work) with the one FM co worker back in February I think it was, about him coming into my job, and her participating with his games. He’s done so many things, including bringing the OW in on days that he knew I would be working, but happened to leave early. Last disturbing thing was him trying to fish my location out of my co worker. It’s been 11 long months, only having peace (from him) for approximately 3 months *cumulatively* this entire time.

Last week Wednesday (the 5th) he called work to order stuff. He was supposed to come in Thursday morning (the 6th) to pick his stuff up. His FM made a huge deal out of “having” to come in early to serve him, apparently my boss is unable to? At any rate, he didn’t show.

This next bit I take with a grain of salt, considering the source (his FM and she lies, a lot). He called again on Friday around 4 pm (I was there. I heard part of her side of the conversation on the phone, but didn’t know who she was talking to.) talked to FM again about his order, about how he showed up and the door was locked so he left. (I guess my boss saw him pull away) Now a little while back I asked her to stop telling him my days off, to please step out of the middle. He usually fishes for information, not directly asking if I’m scheduled. Says things like, “So when’s a good time for me to come get these??” and then she would tell him my day off. (he’s back to pretending that he doesn’t want to run into me.) So technically he wasn’t asking, and technically she wasn’t telling. Last Friday he wants to come get his stuff, she tells him that yes, he can come pick it up, it’s there. He says, “Is this going to be a problem?” She says, “No, just come get your stuff.” He says again, “Is this going to be a problem?” She asks, “Why would this be a problem, just come pick them up.” He finally directly asks, “Well, is she working?” Here’s the kicker, she wouldn’t answer him (FINALLY). Just told him to come pick up his shit, or if he wants she can send it over to the other store (I’m paraphrasing here, I’m sure she didn’t cuss at him). He started SCREAMING at her because she wouldn’t tell him if I was working or not, something about it being bullshit because he can’t come get his order (Poor, poor, him! Play his game!) and then he hangs up on her. Now SHE’S pissed. I saw the transfer after she left for the day and assumed that she told him yet again that I was working. I was pissed about that and shot my mouth off a bit about going to HR about it, I have been diligent about documenting this crap. That may or may not have gotten back to her, I don’t know, and really don’t care, as I’ve reached my limit long ago.

Well, I guess she called my boss on her way home and told him how Crazy was on the phone. Supposedly he’s going to talk to the higher ups and see if they will *finally* tell him to stay out of our store. I asked my boss when he was trying to get my location, when is it enough? When has he finally done enough that they’ll tell him to stay away? Does he have to assault me here? (I will gladly sue the shit out of them.) I don’t have much confidence that anything will actually end up happening, but it will be great if it does.

If it does actually happen, If they ban him from the store, I think he’s going to completely loose his shit. I’m sure it then will be all MY fault that he’s banned, and I’m sure I’ll have to be punished for that too. What he doesn’t realize is that I’m not in the shape I was that many months ago when he first started. I’ve come a long way from where I was, and I’ve kept MY hands clean. It’s been nearly a year of this shit, with no end in sight. I know some of them never stop. My friend Tanny is still dealing with this, eight fucking years later.