Settling In

Just wanted to check in. I’m walking every where due to my car going to the junk yard on moving weekend. I’m exhausted between work, dealing with the dynamic duo at work, getting this place comfortable, and not being used to walking miles to get to and from work.

I’m already worried about money, (I kind of expected that) and finding a new to me car that I can afford. The PTSD is kicking up again. I was twitching talking about this crap on moving day.

Otherwise we’re ok. Crazy is quiet, good or bad, who knows. I won’t tell anyone where I live or accept rides home. I’m not taking any chances. 


2 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Hold on! Pay rent first…a lesson shared with me a very long time ago…it’s easier to get help with food , and we can always live without the rest if we had to. You can do this! I do hope you find a car soon! Breathe….you are doing great💜

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  2. So glad to see a post from you!! And like AoA said, pay the rent first….everything else can be obtained through churches, victim agencies etc. You may thing about setting up a GoFund me page….so happy you are first and foremost SAFE!! ❤

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