This Time Last Year

I had the rug pulled from under me. That must have been so thrilling for him. Such a conquest. He got me to move my children and I in with him, not just date him. The beginning of last October, which should have been happy and exciting, was instead revealed to be a living nightmare. It was during this time that he first hit me.

Truth be told, I haven’t let the thoughts of last year intrude very much. I’ve had other things to occupy my mind.

I got a new to me car this week, which just puts me further in the hole, but helps at the same time. I was also given some furniture, which helps to make this feel more like home. I finished a seven day stretch last week (no overtime, my boss knows how to screw me out of that, and does it often. Meanwhile the Golden Children/Flying Monkeys get as much OT as they want.) Just more reasons to get the hell out of there.

Moving Weekend

My friend “Tanny” came to get us, packed all my crap in her car, took us to our new apartment, and then both of us to the concealed carry class. (Which was very cool, and filled mostly with women.)

Topped off with the narcopath sending his daddy into my work on the 1st to get stuff for him, because the Flying Monkey told him I was working (no car to spy in the lot). So I asked the FM after daddy left, “Since he sent his dad here, who told him I was working.” (that’s a big no no.) Her response was, long pause and a slow, “Um, I don’t know…..” I said to her, “I understand the intention to keep him away from me, (to not set her on the defense) but I don’t want anyone telling him when I’m working or when I’m off. This is my job, he knows I work here. If he insists on shopping at the store where I work, then he is going to run the risk of running into me.” I reiterated that this is just a big game to him, and he’s dragging as many people into it as he can. It would be *much* less trouble to go to the other store. (but that would be no fun for him) – I mean seriously, so much more work. He has to call and find out if I’m there or not, and since I was he has to call his dad and get his dad to go there to pick stuff up. There wouldn’t be the circus if he just went to the other fucking store. – I told her that he tried just a few weeks before to get my location out of my other co worker. There was a bunch of hemming and hawing from FM about “not wanting to be in the middle” as if I’m the one putting her in the middle, and how she doesn’t mind the sales, blah blah blah. In the end I told her don’t tell him when I work, if he orders stuff or whatever you just tell him to come get his shit whether I’m here or not. I told other Flying Monkey that what I’m asking is that she steps OUT of the middle. I know, it’s a lost cause. Why do I even bother? As FM is helping his dad carry stuff out to his car, he’s complaining to her that I didn’t say “hi” to him. There was no reason for me to speak to him, I ended up addressing it with my boss in case he decides to complain to someone about me.

The narcopath was in himself a couple weeks later. He’s still pretending he “doesn’t want any drama.”

I really, really hate that place now. I was ready to walk off about a week ago. I’m beyond tired of dealing with all of them.


Settling In

Just wanted to check in. I’m walking every where due to my car going to the junk yard on moving weekend. I’m exhausted between work, dealing with the dynamic duo at work, getting this place comfortable, and not being used to walking miles to get to and from work.

I’m already worried about money, (I kind of expected that) and finding a new to me car that I can afford. The PTSD is kicking up again. I was twitching talking about this crap on moving day.

Otherwise we’re ok. Crazy is quiet, good or bad, who knows. I won’t tell anyone where I live or accept rides home. I’m not taking any chances.