Bad Timing

Bad timing and a freaky coincidence, both me and the ex before me “P” don’t have brakes. I was just talking to her about her car needing brake work done before I left work tonight. As I was pulling into the lot of my new apartment to drop stuff off after work, I suddenly had no brakes. The pedal goes to the floor.

It is likely a coincidence. My car is so very rusted, especially by the back wheels. I had already learned that much months back when I had my rear struts done. The guy who did them for me was very adament that I needed a new car, like right now. At the time, I was saving to move, and didn’t have money to buy a new hunk of junk. There’s been a lot of clunking noises in the back wheels lately, I was thinking it had to do with my strut towers being rusted out. Then this happens today. I had to drive 20 miles with very little braking power. I white knuckled it all the way to my friends house.

“P’s” brake issue seems like it’s probably a seized caliper. It just freaks me out that it happened to the both of us on the same day. I planned on starting to move stuff tomorrow morning, now I’ll have to find someone who can look at my car instead, and hopefully fix it.


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