We officially have our own apartment. I’m so happy I’m crying. I’ve been so worried that I wouldn’t find a decent place I could afford. Worried that because we’ve been staying in temporary places for the last nine months, no one would rent to me.

Thank God. Now I can really look for a different job. I’m one step closer to getting further away from him.

I’ve been crying from happiness sporadically since I got the good news. Walking around like a crazy person, not knowing what to do with myself. This is such a good thing. To finally have our own place again.

It’s some what scary too. I’ve felt relatively safer living with other people. I’m a little nervous about being there just us.

I recently decided to go for my concealed carry permit. I don’t have a firearm yet, but I plan on getting one. It’s one of the many steps I’m taking to protect myself. This decision was not made lightly, or rashly. Because I have children there’s a whole other level of responsibility with this decision. The only person who can protect me is me.


3 thoughts on “WE GOT IT!

  1. Good for you! I’m all for concealed carry. Cops are great, but in the 15, sometimes 45 minutes it takes them to get there, the damage has already been done. Congrats on the new place too!


  2. Yeah!!! You are wise to think about the pros and cons of keeping a weapon. I took the conceal class and I am glad I did…knowledge is power- I liked range shooting. No weapon here though…just a phone. I’m preparing for a dog-my biggest safety issue is probably sleeping through things.


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