Small Victory?

I will claim today as a victory.

We have under ten employees at my store, of those employees, there are two for sure that help the narcopath, or feed him information about me. As I’ve said before, I’ve greatly limited the information that anyone there has about me. I really don’t talk to anyone about my day to day life anymore. I’m alive, I come to work, that’s it.

Crazy was supposed to come in today to pick up some things, he never showed. I’m guessing because he saw my car in the lot, and I say GOOD. Normally when he calls, or stops in to order something and talks to either of Flying Monkeys, it goes like this: “So when can I come pick this up?” Translation: “When does she have off next?” The Flying Monkey then tells him to stop by on which ever day I’m scheduled for off. So, technically he’s not directly asking them for my schedule, and they’re not directly saying, “She has off Tuesday.” but everyone knows that’s what’s going on. The Flying Monkey will even tell me, “Well, I told him to come in tomorrow because I know you have off.” Alright then.

1) I don’t want him to know anything about me. It’s bad enough that he knows my car, and can drive past and know I’m there. Even if I get a different car, given enough time, he will eventually figure out which one is mine. *Duh, stalker.*

2) Stop acting like you’re “helping” me when all you’re doing is verifying to him that he can use you in this manner. You are a willing participant.

The co worker that he tried the “Woe is me” crap with when I was on vacation, does not participate in his game. For that I am grateful, and I made sure to tell him that today. He probably doesn’t understand how that actually helps. That’s who JR talked to last night, and the only thing that happened was a message from him giving me a heads up that Crazy was going to come in today. I appreciate the warning.

It is totally a game to him. It’s my work. He is fully aware that I work there full time, sometimes even more. He knows that if he continues coming to my job, that he is likely to run into me. I am “dead to you” so please, please start acting like it. This is a classic example of his actions not matching up with his words. So many times now that I’ve had people show up out of the blue, asking me about him (after I first left) or texting me after not hearing from them for months. A couple of them claiming that they have nothing to do with him any longer. (like they’re safe to talk to now) Them contacting me and then he shows up at my job within a day or three. Pfffft Smells of flying monkeys to me.

I still don’t go places that I know he frequents, I avoid them like the plague. I’m still looking over my shoulder driving, and paying close attention to the cars around me in case he decides to follow me. I have not contacted him, or had anyone contact him on my behalf. I do not ask about him, or whatever “situation” he might be in right now. The last time the Flying Monkey asked me if he’s “still with that girl” I told her that I don’t know and I don’t care. I just want him to leave me the hell alone. That I was hoping he finally got bored of me, and that maybe he’s got another new one to distract him, although I wouldn’t wish him on anyone. That was the end of the conversation.

I expected some sort of freak out after going to the birthday party last weekend, I’m sure he heard that I was there.

So YAY for at least one person at work who doesn’t participate in his game.


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