I Made it

I went to both things today and came out unscathed.

I went to dinner with a Facebook friend of mine who was in town visiting. That meet up wasn’t horribly nerve racking. It was a lovely dinner with good company. I was definitely more nervous about the second engagement.

The second engagement I almost didn’t go to. It was a birthday party for someone I met while I was with JR. It was a friend of JC’s. – recap, he was sleeping with JC and I at the same time, he told her he was more into me (her words), but still kept her handy for triangulation. Which didn’t work with me, I got along fine with her.- I expected JC to be there and was worried that she was going to show up with JR.

I’d been meaning to visit K for a long time, but worried about stirring up Crazy if JC happened to be around. I don’t know that JC passes along info to JR for sure, because of that, I’ve not really talked to her since I left JR. It comes down to the fact that she was HIS friend first, most likely her loyalty lies with him.

Anywho. I asked K the uncomfortable question as far as the odds of JR showing up to her party. She let me know she hadn’t invited him, so he shouldn’t be coming. I told her that I would try to make it then. I was torn between wanting someone to come with me, but not wanting to invite someone who wouldn’t know anyone but me. I ended up going by myself.

I went and thankfully douchecanoe never showed his face, and neither did JC while I was there.

It was in a bar and there was live music,  which made it kind of easy. It also made me twitch, all the stimulation, caffeine and nerves. I didn’t drink at either, I prefer complete sobriety when dealing with these situations. I have to have my (half) wits about me.

I actually stayed longer then I planned at the birthday. I left when I started twitching. I would like to hang out with K again, and will as long as it doesn’t send Crazy into a frenzy.


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