When is it Enough

That was my question tonight. What does he have to do so that corporate will finally say that he can’t come into my work? Will I have to be attacked there? Does he have to talk to me, ask ME where I’m living now? When is it finally enough?

I told my boss today that JR tried to get my address out of my Co worker. All he had to say about it was if he had given it to him, he would be fired. I’m going to contact my DM and ask him, as well as my boss, where they draw the line. 

Apparently male customers can come in and show me pictures of their penis, and still shop there. So, they don’t draw the line there. Penis pictures are ok. Stalkers are ok.

So help me, if he does anything to me there I’m suing the ever loving shit out of them. Safe working environment my ass. It’s been anything but.

I’m going back to the DV center to talk to the advocate I talked to after the first hearing. Also considering going to the police station to talk to them, although I don’t have much faith in either route. I have a feeling I’m going to be told to get a lawyer that I can’t afford.

So tired of this bullshit.


2 thoughts on “When is it Enough

    • I tried back in March, got a temporary order, but didn’t get the permanent one. I went into court alone, he had a lawyer. The last time I talked to the DV center, during his every other day for eight days freak out, the lady told me to get a lawyer (that I can’t afford) and that they might be able to use my evidence from the first order, because I technically didn’t get to present it and my case was dismissed without prejudice.


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