Oh Puke

I purposely took vacation during the time I knew Crazy would be off work for this annual thing he does, so I wouldn’t have to deal with him coming into work. Which of course he did repeatedly while I was gone.


In the past, if he spoke of me, he would say he didn’t “want any drama” to “explain” why he asked my Co workers for my schedule. (Not because he’s a stalker, he’s really trying to avoid me. Sure guy.) Last week he was trying to get where I’m living out of my Co worker. No one at work knows where I’m living. They might think they do, but they don’t. Now is when I’m thankful that work has no info as to where I actually am. Corporate office tried to tell my boss that I can’t have a P. O. Box for my address. His question (and mine) was why not?? They didn’t have a response to that.


So psycho is preparing for some more stalking, possibly hoovering. Great.

My first reaction was, “What. The. Fuck.” Of course he shouldn’t know where I live. I’ve moved three fucking times since he knew where I was!! Is this supposed to make me think he’s concerned about me? I am not delusional, or in denial for many months now. How would he think that works? Seriously? After everything he’s done? Oh. My. Goodness. He’s insane. It seemed like it was the, “Woe is me. I don’t even know where she is anymore.” Routine with my Co worker. He said it was so odd to him how JR brought it up, and how he worded it. The other “of course” is that The Underminer was chatting him up the whole time. To that my Co worker said it was probably none of his business. I didn’t say anything about her, we all know what I already expect to come out of that. I will laugh my ass off. Her intention will be to hurt me but I will laugh at just how predictable she has been. How low she will stoop to “get back” at me for asserting my boundaries. How dare I not stay in my place to be trampled over!


3 thoughts on “Oh Puke

  1. What a jerk! Cheers to you for keeping your location a secret from your stalker and his flying monkeys! Good move on the use of your days off, too! You are on top of his tricks. I hope he moves on. Forever.


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