So I Peeked

I call it “checking” to make sure no more naked pictures of me suddenly and mysteriously surface on the interwebs.

I didn’t find any more pictures, but I see he’s found several more dating/hook up sites, all regurgitating the same tired lies. -To be honest, I’ve wanted to translate the bullshit on his profiles from narcopath speak to normal human for a while now.- 


He has the same text on every single one. His age varies on all the different ones, only a few have his true age. He uses pictures of himself that his SO take of him. Most of the pictures he uses are from when he was with me. It seems there are a couple that are likely from the OW, since they’re more recent. What can I say, such a classy guy. And, he seems to have found the weight that I lost, and then some. Tehe. – another of his lies, that he has an “athletic build”. Honey, you’re not athletic, you’re fat. You’re also not disease free like you keep telling everyone. But they’ll find that out soon enough, won’t they?


I was right in my timetable for him keeping up the mask for the OW. I’m gone eight months, almost nine on the 12th of this month, so he’s been “with” her at least that long, although I’m sure it’s been longer. I have no idea when he actually started with her. He posted last week on one of his new profiles, “I find myself being forced to be an introvert against my will.” Translation: I’m guessing she’s already moved in, or is about to, has possibly even called him out on inconsistencies (lies), lack of self control, inappropriate sexual conversations (with everyone) and he’s being “forced” to prove that he’s not the lying, cheating, abusive asshole that he is. Poor, poor, baby. I’ll get more into why I see through that statement when I finally continue with the relationshit last spring.

He claims to be “an open book” “if you want to know anything just ask” on nearly all of them. The reality: it’s like pulling teeth getting anything out of him that’s not his “poor me! All my exs cheated on me and used me” routine. What you do get out of him are likely more lies anyhow.


He’s getting ready for the discard. I can hear it now, him telling her that SHE’S cheating on him, even though he’s joined about five new sites since getting with her, that doesn’t include the sites he was already on, that he logs into regularly. That she doesn’t really want to be with him, but doesn’t want to tell him that. Telling all his compartmentalized “friends” (that he’ll actually bring her around) that she’s crazy, unstable, off her meds, if only she would let him help her! Oh, the trials he has to endure! Pffffft.


Keeping my fingers crossed that this doesn’t mean he’ll freak out again and be into work all the time. And no, I’m still not in a place where I feel pity for her, I don’t know that I ever will be. If she tried to come talk to me, the only insight I would give her is – everything he’s accusing YOU of, he’s actually doing, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg sweetie. Aren’t you glad you “saved” him from me? And then I’d tell her to go fuck herself, I’m ok with that.


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