Oh. Man. Technology.

I can’t say I didn’t realize just how much information is attached or accessed through my smart phone. When said smart phone was reported stolen, not only was my normal day to day communication (texts and phone calls) limited as I was using my daughters phone, everything is on that darn phone. I could only use the “stolen” one when it’s hooked up to WIFI, to access my email, Facebook, and WordPress. The other problem with that phone not being able to receive texts, is two step verification. WordPress has it, and my email has it. WordPress wasn’t too much of a headache to transfer to the new (and much better, I might add) smart phone.

My primary email has been a heck of a lot more difficult. I have so many different passwords, for all the different sites, and I can’t remember what my email password is to get in and change my security settings. First world problems, totally. It can only send texts to my old phone number. It’s been 5 days since I’ve contacted them about it, I just know they’re “looking into it.” I’m sure it sounds fishy too, “I have access to my email on my laptop, but can’t remember my password, and I have a different phone, and have to change my two step verification stuff.” I’m sure they’ll get right to it.

Aside from first world technology problems, I’ve had a fantastic week, as I’ve been on vacation. I spent the past week cooking big dinners, nearly every day. Now I’m tuckered out. I miss doing that when I’m working all the time. I only received two phone calls from work during my vacation, could be because I haven’t given all of them my new number yet, I don’t know, and I don’t really care.

I was reluctant to give work my new number, due to flying monkeys and vindictive ex friends, so I took my friends advice and got myself a Google Voice number. I think this is a fabulous idea for survivors, it’s sort of like a P.O. Box, but for your phone. That is the number that I will be giving to work, and other shady people. With that service you can have all your calls and text messages forwarded to your email and to your actual phone. So far it’s working very well. The advantages: Transcribed voicemails and a running log of text messages, all sent to your email. Even when you reply from your phone, your Google voice number is what the other party sees. Now work has a P.O. Box for my address, and a Google voice number for my phone number. It will make finding me more difficult for work people,and more difficult for flying monkeys to give Crazy accurate information. I’m sure if Crazy really wants to find me, he’ll just look me up at work. Which would be illegal, but he would never do illegal stuff, right? Right. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.


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