Not So Creepy Now

We are currently stuck on the side of the road with a packed car and my fuzzy. A passersby said that my frame broke in the rear. Now I know for sure that Crazy had nothing to do with this. This car is headed for the scrap yard.


Bad Timing

Bad timing and a freaky coincidence, both me and the ex before me “P” don’t have brakes. I was just talking to her about her car needing brake work done before I left work tonight. As I was pulling into the lot of my new apartment to drop stuff off after work, I suddenly had no brakes. The pedal goes to the floor.

It is likely a coincidence. My car is so very rusted, especially by the back wheels. I had already learned that much months back when I had my rear struts done. The guy who did them for me was very adament that I needed a new car, like right now. At the time, I was saving to move, and didn’t have money to buy a new hunk of junk. There’s been a lot of clunking noises in the back wheels lately, I was thinking it had to do with my strut towers being rusted out. Then this happens today. I had to drive 20 miles with very little braking power. I white knuckled it all the way to my friends house.

“P’s” brake issue seems like it’s probably a seized caliper. It just freaks me out that it happened to the both of us on the same day. I planned on starting to move stuff tomorrow morning, now I’ll have to find someone who can look at my car instead, and hopefully fix it.

Dating Emotional Predators: Signs to Look Out For

Self-Care Haven by Shahida Arabi


Dating an emotional predator, a narcissist, a sociopath or anyone else who has the potential to be an abusive or toxic influence in your life is a devastating emotional roller coaster of highs and lows. Although many abusers tend to unfold and reveal their true selves long after they’ve already reeled their victims in, there are some key signs to look out for when dating someone that can foreshadow their future behavior.

The great thing about dating is that you are not committing to a relationship, so you can use this process as a way to find out more about a potential partner, and if necessary, cut ties should he or she turn out to have abusive traits without investing further in the relationship.

Here are some signs to look out for.

1) A need for control.  Abusers want to control and manipulate their victims, so they will find…

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We officially have our own apartment. I’m so happy I’m crying. I’ve been so worried that I wouldn’t find a decent place I could afford. Worried that because we’ve been staying in temporary places for the last nine months, no one would rent to me.

Thank God. Now I can really look for a different job. I’m one step closer to getting further away from him.

I’ve been crying from happiness sporadically since I got the good news. Walking around like a crazy person, not knowing what to do with myself. This is such a good thing. To finally have our own place again.

It’s some what scary too. I’ve felt relatively safer living with other people. I’m a little nervous about being there just us.

I recently decided to go for my concealed carry permit. I don’t have a firearm yet, but I plan on getting one. It’s one of the many steps I’m taking to protect myself. This decision was not made lightly, or rashly. Because I have children there’s a whole other level of responsibility with this decision. The only person who can protect me is me.

More Hunting

Apartments! Fingers crossed again for us please. I really want to be in a place by October 1st. I’m going to see a place tomorrow, in the same building that I looked at before leaving the Disfunctional Drunken Duo (triple D’s for short). The price is right, especially for the size. I hopped on it right away this time.