Today I Was Livid

Now I’m just exhausted.

The Underminer was at it again. Her tactic as of late is speaking for me. If she is any where within in ear shot of someone, anyone, asking me a question, or simply discussing something with me, she answers for me.

I spent most of today thinking about how to approach her regarding this behavior. It started out on a personal level, outside of work, with my child. Now that my only contact with her is at work, it’s intruding there.

Do I discuss this with her at work? Do I try to first discuss this with her outside of work, since that’s where it began?

I’m worried about completely loosing my shit at work, like I did with the Flying Monkey. I know that how ever I handle it, it needs to be soon because I have had enough.

It makes me want to yell, “No one fucking asked you. Last I checked you aren’t me.” Or “If I need your ‘help’ I’ll ask for it. Until then shut it.” I have no problem asking someone when I don’t know something, no issue asking for help.

I know the reasoning/psychology behind the behavior. The whole tearing me down to build herself up stuff.

Immediately after I moved out she cozied up to flying monkey. Another point which shows she cannot be trusted. I fully expect the vindictive behavior to begin in full force. And just to drive her point home, I expect that the narcopath will be involved in some way. I really, really hope that I am way off base here. But that’s my gut feeling.

I hope I’m wrong.


5 thoughts on “Today I Was Livid

  1. Too bad you can’t go “no contact” …There is a little thing that therapists do before entering a room to work with psychopaths-stand outside for a minute and visualize a white light surrounding them. As for butting into your conversations with others…that just sucks! At least you know to expect it…I am sure that your clients probably see her as rude to interrupt. 😁


    • I will be leaving that job as soon as possible. I’m only staying there until I find an apartment so that I have job history when filling out apps. Then I will kill 3 birds with one stone. I’ll be rid of the narcopath for good, if he shows up at where ever I go to next it will be blatantly obvious he’s stalking me. I will get a better paying job & be done with the underminer, because I will go no contact with her as well. I’ll just have to deal with this for a little while longer.

      I will do the white light surrounding me. I would think it would help me stay calm, since she’s seems to be enjoying pushing my buttons. I don’t want another blow up at work.


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