Targeted by The Flying Monkey Abuse by Proxy Part 2

Christmas Eve Antics 13 days After Leaving

Over Christmas my boss was on vacation. I had already talked to him about JR, and let him know that JR’s next move would be to jeopardize my job. See Christmas Eve Antics. Everyone at work knew what JR did on Christmas Eve, and not just because I told them. The person JR was texting that day called work looking for me and told them, since we all knew “M”. When my boss came back I told him what JR had done, and that he would likely start up full force.

The Blame Game and Some Triangulation

It was after this that “D” started blaming me for everything and anything that went wrong in the store. I didn’t even have to be there! I got a phone call at home, on my day off, telling me that I did something I didn’t do, that I only had second hand information on because I wasn’t there when it happened to begin with. I told her to talk Angel, since she was the one who told me, and since Angel was actually working at those times. I was blamed for everything. My name was always coming out of her mouth.

It started out with her trying to get Angel to go with her to my boss, to talk to him about me, saying that I was “distracted”. Not that I’m not preforming my job, or I’m screwing stuff up. I’m “distracted”. I was still reeling from what happened with Crazy, ya think I’m distracted? I still came to work, didn’t miss work, and did my job, despite JR’s best efforts. So what if I was a little “distracted”. All things considered that’s pretty damn good.

JR’s coming into work, asking my co workers my schedule to “avoid drama”. (See! I’m not doing anything! I’m the good guy here, having to go to all this trouble to avoid you when you’re working! I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you!) “D” has moved friends of hers into JR’s house, (which was in the works before we even left) and having almost daily contact with JR because of these friends.

I was raw during this time. It was horrible, heartbreaking, the emotional pain was awful. I knew I was going through the stages of grief. I talked a little bit about him, and the break up, but no where near as much as I talked about him during the relationshit. There were days where I was taking it minute by minute. Right after leaving there were days where all that went through my brain, were thoughts of him. How could someone who “loves” me do the things that he had done? It was excruciating.

Low Contact

I’d cut “D” off completely. I blocked her, and her boyfriend, in every way I could. I’d long stopped talking to her about anything personal, only keeping it about work. If she asked personal questions my answers were short and sweet. Nothing specific, no information.

The Blow Up

My boss happened to be out of state at a conference, JR was on his every two week schedule and I’d finally had it with him coming into work. I very loudly stated that “someone” should tell him that if he really wants to avoid drama, like he keeps saying, then he should shop at the other store. Yes, it was very pointed. “D” says that she doesn’t “understand” why him coming in bothers me. I was flabbergasted. I said that she knows what he’s done, how does she not understand that him coming into my job bothers me? I told her that it’s not right of him to ask my co workers my schedule, it was not right to put them in that position. That’s when she lost it and started screaming at me. (thankfully there was a witness to all this) Telling me that I should get a restraining order then, that I need to stop doing stuff to JR. I told her I’ve done nothing to him, nothing. I hadn’t texted him, called him, nothing. I moved my things out of his house. I left. That’s all I did to him. I fucking left. She tried saying that I talk about him all the time, every day. I definitely wasn’t talking to her. Not talking to her, not talking around her, nothing. I didn’t want anything getting back to him. As far as she knew I was doing great, my kids were doing great and everything was sunshine and roses. Then she accused me of creating a hostile work environment for her. She’s telling the person who’s stalking and harassing me, MY WORK SCHEDULE, but I’m the one creating a hostile work environment for her. The icing on the cake after that rant, she stated that items that I supposedly ordered and checked into stock, that I had been harassing her about, were missing, now accusing me of stealing. Again, something I had absolutely nothing to do with, but getting blamed for it.

That’s when I got my bosses boss involved. Since then she has been talked to by our district manager, and not just about me, but how she treats other employees. Now, she’s on her best behavior with me. If there is a next time, I will go straight to HR. That time I emailed our district manager, and my understanding is that it was swept under the rug. That won’t happen again. As she too exhibits a pattern of behavior. She has targeted one employee after another. She is always trying to control and dominate others. Always.

After all that mess she was still trying to convince me, through Angel, that she cares about me. That she’s my friend. She’s hurt because I won’t talk to her. Blah. Blah. Blah. All bullshit.

In the end with her, I think she was pissed about several things. One, her boyfriend reached out to me when he was manic. He was upset about a conversation they had the night before, and he’s not allowed to talk to others about their relationship. I was to be punished for that so she made sure to cozy up to JR during the time that I was hurting the most. JR in turn used that as an in with her. Two, she gathers information on people to use against them later on. She does this through social media, and gossiping. Although it doesn’t matter what truth she knows, as she’ll just make something up to suit her needs. So I suppose she feels a sense of power having any information on anyone. When I blocked her on Facebook, blocked her from my phone, and she no longer had access to me personally, that really made her mad. I was more pissed at my reaction to her. I screamed right back at her, and spilled everything that I had avoided telling her for months. She pushed my buttons and I spilled after working so hard not to. I figured she would now warn JR that I was going to pursue a restraining order against him. (Even if she did, he didn’t remove the pictures till after he was served the papers, so I was able to print them off. Thanks JR!)

Long story short (too late!) she was glad to take part in his bullshit. Where he couldn’t harass me at work, she did it for him. That is a Flying Monkey. He continued to abuse me by using another person to do his dirty work. He told her a bunch of lies, to justify HIS behavior, she ate it all up, and turned around and fucked with me. But, she was supposedly my friend. No empathy, no compassion, no loyalty. Now, she too proclaims that she no longer talks to or hangs out with JR. Do I believe her. Nope. Be gone monkey!



9 thoughts on “Targeted by The Flying Monkey Abuse by Proxy Part 2

  1. Those blasted flying monkeys😁 So sorry you have to work amongst one! Being lied about hurts…even though we know in our hearts that it is the accuser who has the problem! I always thought that the anger of the abuser was my fault…that my absence would make his life perfect. That is just not true…these people can never be happy-the emotions are fake-they are about using and hurting others. Great job on staying strong in the flying monkey attack!👍💜


  2. Flying monkeys are the faithful acolytes of the narcissist and they will never stopped. I am no contact with them too and i have accepted that i will never return to my hometown and i will not have extented family. But i will have sanity. The rest can be rebuilt.

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    • I am low contact with the one, unfortunately I work with her. She gets no personal information about me. Not that she doesn’t just make stuff up, but whatever. I don’t talk to most of my family, and it has to be that way because of my narc aunt. Haven’t been to a family function in just over 3 years. They know we’re alive, but that’s about it. If my aunt hears anything about us, she’ll be back to stalking & harassing me.

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