I See Patterns – False Alarm, the End is Not Near

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve gotten great about seeing patterns. And I’m pretty good with puzzles.

I got to thinking about this today after speaking with my co worker “T”. He’s the one who came with me to court so I wasn’t there alone.

Crazy called work today. – It is insanity (on my part) expecting different results from him. – Which makes me think that the text from the old roommate & the ex coworker “P” (flying monkey) showing up at work earlier this week, professing that he doesn’t hang out with HIM anymore, was JR’s brain tweaking out because it’s been 20 days since he’s bothered me.

“T” told me to chalk it up to coincidence. Try to trick my brain to think that. But, really, it’s a pattern of behavior. Not something that I’m making up, or paranoid about. I have dates and times to prove it. I have a timeline of events since moving out of JR’s house.

No coincidences lately.


4 thoughts on “I See Patterns – False Alarm, the End is Not Near

  1. Being on guard after abuse is normal not insane…we just know they are crazy little shits and we know to expect the worst…darn idiots… Be well hun! ❤


    • I will. ❤ I know we're the normal ones. I know this is a normal reaction to his bullshit. I get frustrated with the people who don't understand.

      I was just telling someone that I'm looking at it as a safety issue. The only reason I bring him up, for months now, is when he pulls something. My thought being that people should know what he's doing so that if he finally looses it and harms me, people know what's going on. Instead I think they perceive it as I'm paranoid and haven't "moved on" yet. Blah blah blah. Just frustrating. :/


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