More Weirdness or Another Amazing Coincidence

I had allowed myself to hope that this will be a respite (or maybe even the end) from Crazy. He’s overdue, as he didn’t show up with the OW at my job, this past Sunday.

Tonight I got a text from our old roommate “D” asking if it is ok to give my number to the other (still current roommate of JR) old roommate “M”.

I haven’t talked to “M” in months. The last time we talked and were to meet up for coffee, I told him my days off and in an amazing coincidence JR showed up at work on one of those days. This was during the time where he was pretending he didn’t want to come in on my shift, “to avoid drama”. Since then “M’s” phone was stolen and I didn’t give him my number.

Do I really think it’s an amazing coincidence? No. So many things were just amazing coincidences with JR. He was so innocent, it was just a coincidence. ~ please note the sarcasm. None of it was amazing, and it sure as hell wasn’t a coincidence.

It’s a wait and see again as to what happens next. Hopefully nothing.


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