Yay! Tomorrow!

I’m exhausted as today was long, but shorter at work then expected. If that makes any sense.

There’s lots of running around to do tomorrow morning before the intake appointment. Social Security cards to get I lost ours in one of the (too many) moves we’ve made in the last four years. P. O. Box to obtain, finally. That one I’ve been thinking about for months now. There are some states that have safe haven type programs for victims of domestic violence or stalkers, where you get a P. O. Box and they protect your whereabouts. We don’t have that here, but I can definitely swing a P. O. Box, cost wise. More phone business to attend to.

More stuff to run to storage. All of my worldly possessions fit in a 5’X10′ space, I’m ok with that too. I “lost” anything that actually mattered to me about four years ago. But I remember thinking as I was packing to get out of the last place, that I have too much crap, and how did I get so much crap.

A lot to get done before the appointment. I’m not planning on moving the bed until I know where we’re staying tomorrow night.
Tomorrow! I hope I’m not getting all worked up for nothing.


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