Tomorrow! Intake appointment! There’s barely anything left here, I plan on strapping my youngests bed to the top of my car to get it to storage. That will be the last thing to go. I’ll take a few things to storage this morning on my way out of the city.

Funny enough everything is sunshine and roses in this place all of a sudden. I don’t trust it, it’s fake. I’m glad we’re getting out. I haven’t told them yet, since I don’t know exactly how tomorrow will go. My thoughts were that it would get worse if I warn them. I’m going with my instincts on this one.

Yesterday I kept telling myself over and over, “A day and a half. Just a day and a half.” As I have a sinking feeling this all this nonsense is being brought into work. I can feel the atmosphere changing there. I’ve said very little there. I have no desire for another personal drama to interfere with my job. Crazy is plenty on that front.

Jealousy is a horrible thing. I’ve felt it from Angel ever since I told her of the promotion. The snarky comments that she thinks are over my head. I know that there will be a lot of undermining when it finally happens. She already undermines me every chance she gets with my child. I’ve already fought this battle with my narc aunt, so I know it’s lose/lose. I have no desire to fight it again.

One day. Today will be a long work day since we have to be there long after we close for the day to get the floors done.

One day!!


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