Have to Keep on Keeping on

I got a hold of the apartment lady today. She told me she already rented that unit,  even though it was posted again today, and there might be another one open for September 1st. She’ll know on August 1st. I asked that she keep me in mind for the next one.

I called the shelter and I have an intake appointment on Friday. They need a “homeless verification letter” from someone who knows me and knows I’m homeless,  which I think is a little weird,  but alright. Hopefully we’ll be out of here by Friday then.

I’m ok with this. I’ve never stayed in a shelter,  so I don’t know what to expect. But I’m hoping I’ll have access to programs that will help, and counciling too. I think this will be a good thing.


7 thoughts on “Have to Keep on Keeping on

  1. So disappointing😕I have spent my “homeless times” living with my parents. Working in the school system and having school age kids, we were classified as “homeless”… A homeless teacher-just great😁 There are some decent shelters…Where are you staying now? Is it a domestic violence center? You can do this…you have such a positive outlook…you are a light! Sending many prayers and positive thoughts your way💜


    • When we first left the narcopath I was staying with my co worker/friend and her then boyfriend. He beat her and he was put in jail so since it was his place first, we left. At the moment we’re staying with another co worker (of sorts, we don’t directly work with him). He really didn’t want me and my daughter here, but she refused to leave without us, so he offered us a place to stay. After the SECOND DAY of being here, I knew we needed to leave and was going to go to a shelter at that point. But when I told my friend, she cried, and I felt I was abandoning her, so I stayed out of guilt. Shouldn’t have. The behaviors that have come out, from her, in this last month and a half are things that had to have been there all along. I chalked it up to trauma at first, and I still think she’s traumatized, but she thinks it’s ok to take it out on us. The times I’ve tried to talk to her about her inappropriate behavior, I’ve been told it’s OUR problem, not hers, she’s fine. We’re “too sensitive”. She doesn’t need help after what she went through, but then when it’s convenient for her she uses it to try to excuse her behavior. We’re back to walking on eggshells all the time around here. I refuse to do that anymore, for anyone. Period. She bullies my daughter, constantly calling her a sissy. Runs around poking her when she’s “playing” but if my child does the same things to her she bitches and complains. That and the two of them have decided that they have two live in maids. My child is expected to do all the chores, they do very little if anything. My “friend” used to kick in with the housework but that has all but stopped. So, we have to be gone. I still have to work with my “friend” on nearly a daily basis. I want to be able to be civil with the both of them.

      I tried the domestic violence shelter first, but they had no openings. I called the other homeless shelter in our area and they got back to me right away.

      I’m ok with this because living with the narcopth and now two abusive drunks, is intolerable. This is hurting my child.


      • I would die for them, as I’m sure is the same for you.

        It’s kind of funny that she said the other night, “if I did something to you you would probably get over it. But if I did something to your kids you probably would take more offence to that.” My response was, “You got that right.” That’s the understatement of the year. Lol


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