Another Sunday


I’m getting out of this place one way or another.

The wonderful thing for me about getting older is I don’t worry about things like I used to as a kid. I know ultimately things will work out. Maybe not always as planned, but that’s ok.

I got a call back about the apartment I applied for on Friday night. The same night I went and talked to P. I’m not in the habit of answering the phone for numbers I don’t recognize, so I let it go to voicemail. I checked my messages after I got home. I called her back yesterday morning, she didn’t answer and her voicemail is full. I’ll try again tomorrow.

I would think that she called because I got the place, usually if you’re not approved they just don’t contact you. My fingers and toes are still crossed. So, partially in preparation for that, and because the place we’ve been temporarily staying in needs some repairs, I’ve been moving my crap into the storage unit. Tomorrow I’m taking my animal to my oldest daughter’s house, and soon we’re getting the hell out of here. The apartment wouldn’t be available till August 1st, I’m calling shelters tomorrow. I just can’t do it anymore. We’ll be ready to jet if there’s an opening.

I am somewhat worried about coming up with the deposit and then rent two weeks later. It’s likely going to take all of each paycheck to do so. I do enjoy eating sometimes. Then there’s still the issue of the electric company. I have to believe that I will manage. It will work out some how.

On the narcopath,  he’s not overdue,  he was right on time again. He tried again last Sunday (I left early that day) and wound up at the other store (where I wish he would shop all the time) because we didn’t have what he was looking for. So he’s due again on the 20th, since I’m sure he’ll be sticking with Sundays. Whether or not I leave early is hit or miss on Sundays. It all depends on how busy we are.

This is going to be a busy week.


6 thoughts on “Another Sunday

  1. I hope you got the apartment!!! And I’m proud of you for making the move…yes, it will be difficult financially, but your sanity and safety depend on it!! ❤


    • I’m loosing it!I was fantasizing about sleeping in my car last night. It’s pretty bad. I’m calling the lady again tonight & tomorrow if I can’t get a hold of her tonight. That and calling our local shelter tonight. Hopefully we can be out of there by tomorrow, or sometime this week.


  2. Playing the waiting game…living in limbo in a sea of packed boxes…Our boxes are taking up my mom’s kitchen. We have a storage unit, and if our time frame stretches out much more, we may have to bite the bullet and move the stuff to storage and then to the new place…I hope you got the place! I know the financial stretch – an old man told me to always pay the rent first, because we can live without the other stuff, or easily get the other stuff…as long as we have a roof over our heads, we will be fine.


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