Nightmares Again

They’re back, and about him. The first two months after I left they were nightly, that is when I was actually able to sleep.

I didn’t bring my animal right away, but the nightmares about JR killing it made me go get him within a few days. I had asked the roommate to keep an eye on him, which he did. I thought JR would put him outside to die. At that point I knew he didn’t have a conscience and was willing to do almost anything to hurt me and mine.

Sick asshole. Stop invading my down time.


4 thoughts on “Nightmares Again

  1. Good move rescuing your animal…I wasn’t so lucky. I was told by the law officers that I had to leave all but the most basic items of clothing and toiletries at the marital home, which was a farm. Within six months, seven out of eight animals that I had brought to our farm were dead. The divorce process took 16 months-the animals didn’t stand a chance. My focus was on saving our two little kids from my abuser…who fought for control using deplorable, abusive tactics….ugh-he is so mean….I feel blessed to be free💜


    • My heart breaks for you. I can’t imagine, as what I’m dealing with pales in comparison what you all have gone through and continue to go through. I understand saving your children. I got me and my daughter out first and then got my furry baby. Were you able to bring up the killing of your animals in court?


      • None of the abuse AT ALL was brought up in court. It is, however, on file at the courthouse as part of my 70 page interogatory response…Had I known to do some research first, I would have been enlightened on the front end, as there were two other divorces of his on file. It seems wrong and abusive the way the family courts operate now…this was my first experience in it- I’m dreaming of a light golden retriever😄


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