“Breakups are hard”


Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

It’s true, breakups are hard, but anyone who is recovering from a relationship with a narcissist/sociopath (or other type of abuser) knows that this statement doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what we’re going through.

We’re not just heartbroken, we’re soul shattered. We’re not just sad, we’re completely lost. We’re not just grieving the loss of a partner, we’re grieving the loss of trust, hope, and the belief that people are fundamentally good.

We are stripped of every happy memory we thought we had as we slowly come to realize and accept that every moment was a calculated lie, a fabrication with the singular purpose of increasing our ‘loved one’s’ control over us.

When my best friend said to me on the weekend “yeah, breakups are hard,” I was stunned. It was such a trite, non-empathetic, borderline ignorant response to my telling her how much I still struggle…

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