I Knew He Was Crazy But…

Holy shit. Holy shit.

At the end of December,  shortly after JR posted the naked pictures of me on the internet and texted people while pretending he was me,  I messaged the ex before me (Number 3).

I was obviously freaking out at the time. I knew only a few things that he did to her, but wanted to get a time frame and an idea as to what behaviors I had to look forward to, from him.

I was very uneasy about contacting her for several reasons. First and foremost dredging up bad memories and hurt for her. Second, she was a friend of one of his co worker’s wife. He still associates with them on occasion. I don’t know whether or not they speak with her anymore.

Within a week I regretted sending that message. She had not read it, but I felt like such an asshole for sending it. What the hell was I thinking?

Periodically I would check to see if she read it, or perhaps blocked me. No on both counts.

She answered me today. We emailed back and forth for a while. Not surprisingly he lied about her. He was only honest about two things that I know of so far. One, he did have her removed by the police. And two, he also came into her work. Of course more often then he admitted to.

He killed her animal.

He killed her animal. He fucking killed her animal. He really is psychotic. He never hit her but he killed her animal after he had the cops remove her. She didn’t think he had it in him to hit a woman. Holy shit.


2 thoughts on “I Knew He Was Crazy But…

    • He told me her animal “died”. He still had its cage and tried to give it to me.

      This is disturbing. I was thinking he was too much of a coward to come after me directly, now I won’t put anything past him.


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