Has anyone out there been successful at having phone/text message records subpoenaed? If so how did you go about doing it. I might be going back to court…


4 thoughts on “Subpoenas?

  1. Mine were subpoenaed…opposing counsel just asked for them in writing and I was told that was the jest of it. There are some free legal advice sites out there. My time in court was mostly defensive-you can use anything you have, but even if you subpoenaed things, he could claim that he doesn’t have it/lost it….. That is the tactic used by my abuser…You may check out One Mom’s Battle-warrior moms with family court experiences to share. Hope you find what you need-I know the feeling *sigh

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    • I will take a look. I talked to the advocate at the domestic violence center today. She said that the order was dismissed without prejudice and thinks that a lawyer would be able to argue that I didn’t present my evidence, therefore I might be able to use the previous things he did (that were in the other order) as well as his recent frenzy. The lawyer I talked to back in March told me that anything used in that order, couldn’t be used again. I don’t know which one is right. All I know is I can’t change jobs until I find an apartment because I need job history.

      Thanks for the tips. I have my work cut out for me tomorrow.


    • I’m hoping I won’t need them, but if I’m able to get them I think it would help establish the harassment. It would be better if tge guy he was texting would help me by testifying, but he refuses.


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