Fingers Crossed

I’m going to look at an apartment today, and hoping by some miracle I get it and can move in immediately.

This place I’m staying in now, I’ve lived here before, a couple times now (different people,  different relationships) and I’m tired of living places where me and mine are not wanted. It’s well past time to go.

I stayed, against my better judgment (again) and it’s turning out exactly how I knew it would. My child is again the scapegoat for irresponsible,  drunk, supposed adults. Time for it to just be us again.

While I appreciate being given a place to go in a tight spot, the price is too high, and I refuse to pay with my soul yet again. I’m a hypocrite for staying here. I’m not living my truth as long as I’m here.
Transitional housing is out. I haven’t tried the other shelter in town yet.

Please send positive vibes my way for this apartment.


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