Of Course He Did!

                             asshole meritbadge

Aside from this past Sunday, I have worked nearly every Sunday for well over a year now. Unless I request a vacation day, I’m working on a Sunday. I took a vacation day yesterday to take my oldest daughter to the pre-college summer program that she has been attending since she started high school.

So narcopath took a short break (about a week give or take) and then showed up again at my work, on a day that he thought for sure I would be there. And to make it even better, he brought the OW with him. Of course he did!

Really, nothing should surprise me at this point.

What I want to know is this: With what type of person is it OK to participate like the other woman has, in the harassment of an ex? How is this alright with her? To now repeatedly come into his ex girlfriend’s job. She already was spending the night when I still lived there, we had barely even broken up. (According to JR we had NOT broken up.) I can’t wrap my head around that. No matter what crazy shit he may have come up with to justify his cheating, how does this sit well with another person? My child was in that house. My child was in the room, two feet away from the bathroom where they had sex. How is THAT OK?



4 thoughts on “Of Course He Did!

  1. First of all, I love the merit badge! The only explanation I know is that they are non-humans…. He has undoubtedly secured his new supply with lies in order to “hook” her. It’s a very good thing to “not” be able to wrap your head around this….because it is insanity😳

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  2. I like the badge~ lol. As far as having JR’s girlfriend {victim} involved, you can only imagine the BS he has fed her about you. She is getting a one-sided seriously delusional version of THE TRUTH!

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    • I’m at a loss. I ignored red flags with him, I let some things slide, I did. But when he tried to get me to go to “P’s” job with him to “show me off” because I was “cuter then her” blah blah blah, I REFUSED. He had the regular BS to say about her, “She’s crazy. She’s schizophrenic.” Etc. And I refused.
      Each time he’s come in with her he sits there and flirts with my friend, in front of her, and my friend tells him to fuck off. The look on the OW’s face is that of surprise. Like she can’t believe someone doesn’t want his crazy ass. I don’t know. My feeling is still that she’s as bad as he is. I just wish she would keep him away from me!!


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