Done For Now…

A minor irritation, for some reason drafts I start on the app on my “smart” phone, aren’t available on the desktop, odd. Carrying on…

He hasn’t come to pick up the crap he ordered from my work yet, but he capped out at four times in eight days. FOUR TIMES IN EIGHT DAYS he was at my job. Every. Other. Day. Last. Week. One would think I work at a grocery or drug store instead of a specialty shop of sorts. If I did work at a place like that then I’m sure it would be daily, several times a day.

The most frustrating thing for me in all of this is I’m doing what I’m supposed to do in order to make him go away. I am doing my best to act like the asshole is dead, or doesn’t exist. (I pull it off better some days then others.) When I haven’t had to wait on him, or take his phone call (in order to do my job) I don’t acknowledge his existence. When I do have to talk to him, or had to wait on him, I treated him as any other anonymous customer. I stopped hiding in the back room, thinking he was thriving off of my fear. I still have not broken no contact, other then having contact forced on me. What else is there for me to do?? He has “new supply“. He’s had new supply for many, many months now, well before I even left him.

It was two months of pure bliss, I so look forward to that being the norm.


6 thoughts on “Done For Now…

    • Yes, still. Last week was like a feeding frenzy, it was ridiculous. The desperation was palpable. I’m just waiting for him to screw up so I can get a permanent stalking/harassment order against him. Only one of two things will happen; he’ll finally be done (highly doubtful at this point) or he’ll pull some other messed up crap that he can’t wriggle his way out of, or explain away. Either way I win.


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