Going for Broke

Big surprise,  he’s not done for this week. It continues still. He either called or came in yesterday and ordered some shit, most of which he will likely end up returning. Just another excuse to come in the store.

My guess about this recent frenzy is this: he doesn’t know where I live. Not the street,  nothing. I’m sure he was driving through my neighborhood these past five months. Suddenly my car is no longer there and hasn’t been for two weeks now. He would have to follow me to find me now. I would put money on it, and I don’t gamble.

I was talking to my ex husband about this today and he thinks that JR is going to do something,  he believes JR will follow me home. I am still hypervigilant and observant of my surroundings and especially the people around me.


4 thoughts on “Going for Broke

    • I didn’t get the permanent order. That was the only thing that kept him away for the short time. We’ll see what happens withis this more recent frenzy. He’ll fuck up.


    • I do. Everyone close to me knows what’s going on, knows who he is and what he’s done. I really, really wish he would get bored of this already. I suppose he gets a thrill each time though.


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