Getting a Jump on Next Week’s Full Moon/Friday the 13th?


Next week Friday the 13th is a full moon and mercury is in retrograde, for those that believe that sort of stuff. I can’t find any articles that support the effects of the full moon on human behavior, but there are several that dispute that belief.

At any rate, JR has been into my job three times in the last six days. He’s come in every other day, starting last week Thursday, sans OW the last two times when he came in on my shift.

After his FM made a point of being the first! one! to tell me that he brought the OW in with him on Thursday, and telling me, “What a down grade!! What a moron.” (Trying to score points with me, no doubt.) I later ended up crying (later at home) about his continuing sadistic behavior towards me. Wondering if it’s ever going to stop. Will I ever have peace (again) from him.


It wasn’t enough that he paraded her through the house, now he’s bringing her into my job. I only feel the slightest bit sorry for her. I didn’t get the impression that she was the sharpest knife in the drawer, and she seems pretty young. I believe he will be with her for a long time. I can see her putting up with his bullshit for far, far longer then I would. But I can’t forget that she got the same sick sadistic smile on her face, that he had, when she saw me in the living room. After all,  she knew who I was, I  had no idea who she was. To be quite frank, I’m pretty fucking tired of these bitches knowing who I am, but not knowing who the fuck they are. Same thing with that chick he brought to court. Another one who knew who I was, by sight, but she only looked vaguely familiar to me. ~Side note, court room chick greatly resembles an employee of the chain that I work for, from the store where I wish he would shop at, on the other side of town. If that’s not her, it could be her twin sister.

Back to the crazy stalker. I didn’t react well on Saturday to his presence. I tried to ignore him, but had to walk into his line of sight several times. I could feel I had a look on my face, I was probably frowning. That frustrated me a great deal. I’m tired of running away from him, ducking in the back room. I didn’t do that on Saturday,  but I also wasn’t indifferent.

But today. Today was great. He walked in and wanted to talk to my boss who was about to leave on an errand. My boss tells me to go on the errand instead. As I’m walking towards the back room my co worker (his FM) said something and I laughed. I laughed loudly, genuinely, and repeatedly. He’s so paranoid I’m sure he thought I was laughing at him. In a way I was. I’ve wanted to laugh in his face, especially these last few times. Right in his ridiculous,  Charles Manson look alike face.

I’ve expressed that I want a new job. A job where if he shows up, it will be no question that he’s stalking me. I’ve not made a secret of this as of late. I’ve told several of my co workers this. JR’s obviously not going to stop any time soon. (3 times in 6 days!!!) He may never stop. That’s the reality of my situation. He may never stop. I need different employment, that’s the only point of contact he has left for me. So the downside to today is being offered a promotion at work. Instead of being happy about this thing that I’ve been working towards, and finally got, I was filled with dread. Dread and guilt because I told him I will take it, even though I have no intention to stay there.


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