Has anyone out there been successful at having phone/text message records subpoenaed? If so how did you go about doing it. I might be going back to court…


Fingers Crossed

I’m going to look at an apartment today, and hoping by some miracle I get it and can move in immediately.

This place I’m staying in now, I’ve lived here before, a couple times now (different people,  different relationships) and I’m tired of living places where me and mine are not wanted. It’s well past time to go.

I stayed, against my better judgment (again) and it’s turning out exactly how I knew it would. My child is again the scapegoat for irresponsible,  drunk, supposed adults. Time for it to just be us again.

While I appreciate being given a place to go in a tight spot, the price is too high, and I refuse to pay with my soul yet again. I’m a hypocrite for staying here. I’m not living my truth as long as I’m here.
Transitional housing is out. I haven’t tried the other shelter in town yet.

Please send positive vibes my way for this apartment.

Of Course He Did!

                             asshole meritbadge

Aside from this past Sunday, I have worked nearly every Sunday for well over a year now. Unless I request a vacation day, I’m working on a Sunday. I took a vacation day yesterday to take my oldest daughter to the pre-college summer program that she has been attending since she started high school.

So narcopath took a short break (about a week give or take) and then showed up again at my work, on a day that he thought for sure I would be there. And to make it even better, he brought the OW with him. Of course he did!

Really, nothing should surprise me at this point.

What I want to know is this: With what type of person is it OK to participate like the other woman has, in the harassment of an ex? How is this alright with her? To now repeatedly come into his ex girlfriend’s job. She already was spending the night when I still lived there, we had barely even broken up. (According to JR we had NOT broken up.) I can’t wrap my head around that. No matter what crazy shit he may have come up with to justify his cheating, how does this sit well with another person? My child was in that house. My child was in the room, two feet away from the bathroom where they had sex. How is THAT OK?


No Voice

I woke up yesterday morning with laryngitis. Today I’m totally out of it, so I went to the doctor. Turns out I have an ear infection,  a low grade fever,  and laryngitis. I haven’t shut up yet. Lol I felt fine leading up to this, other then seasonal allergies. It’s very amusing to me, and everyone around me. I squeak when I laugh. Work will be hilarious,  I’m going to whisper to everyone.

We get a lot of phone calls at work,  all sorts, customers, telemarketers and our own corporate office calling with phone surveys (sort of like secret shoppers). For several months there were a lot of calls where there was no one on the other end.

So for a while I would answer the phone as I normally do, and when no one would respond I would whisper into the phone, “Hello? Hello? What are you wearing?” And then hang up. My thought being it was likely an automated call from a telemarketer. It was very amusing to me, and to my co workers. My one co worker (Angel) told one of our commercial customers to call and not say anything so I would do that. I stopped when I realized that our corporate calls are ALSO partially automated. (It never ended up being anyone from corporate when I did that, thank goodness.)

In the months after leaving JR, it dawned on me that some of those calls were likely him, checking to make sure I was at work. I think he often lied about being at work, and we all know how that works, he was doing it so I must be as well. They were still happening fairly frequently during the two months of harassment right after leaving him. Not so much anymore. There’s no way for me to prove it, no caller ID at work,  it’s just my intuition.

I’m still looking forward to whispering to everyone. When Crazy isn’t trying to wreck it, I actually really enjoy my job.

Lovely Day

Today I was finally able to take my kids and do something that I’ve been wanting to do for years. We had a great day today, sunburn and all.

There were a few hiccups,  which I had to make sure I didn’t beat myself up over. That’s the conditioning again. If something didn’t go as planned, or wasn’t planned in the manner he would plan it, there was hell to pay. That was very difficult for me to understand (just one of so many things) since I’ve always been a “make the best of it” type of person. Anyhow.

Today was awesome.  🙂

Done For Now…

A minor irritation, for some reason drafts I start on the app on my “smart” phone, aren’t available on the desktop, odd. Carrying on…

He hasn’t come to pick up the crap he ordered from my work yet, but he capped out at four times in eight days. FOUR TIMES IN EIGHT DAYS he was at my job. Every. Other. Day. Last. Week. One would think I work at a grocery or drug store instead of a specialty shop of sorts. If I did work at a place like that then I’m sure it would be daily, several times a day.

The most frustrating thing for me in all of this is I’m doing what I’m supposed to do in order to make him go away. I am doing my best to act like the asshole is dead, or doesn’t exist. (I pull it off better some days then others.) When I haven’t had to wait on him, or take his phone call (in order to do my job) I don’t acknowledge his existence. When I do have to talk to him, or had to wait on him, I treated him as any other anonymous customer. I stopped hiding in the back room, thinking he was thriving off of my fear. I still have not broken no contact, other then having contact forced on me. What else is there for me to do?? He has “new supply“. He’s had new supply for many, many months now, well before I even left him.

It was two months of pure bliss, I so look forward to that being the norm.

Going for Broke

Big surprise,  he’s not done for this week. It continues still. He either called or came in yesterday and ordered some shit, most of which he will likely end up returning. Just another excuse to come in the store.

My guess about this recent frenzy is this: he doesn’t know where I live. Not the street,  nothing. I’m sure he was driving through my neighborhood these past five months. Suddenly my car is no longer there and hasn’t been for two weeks now. He would have to follow me to find me now. I would put money on it, and I don’t gamble.

I was talking to my ex husband about this today and he thinks that JR is going to do something,  he believes JR will follow me home. I am still hypervigilant and observant of my surroundings and especially the people around me.