I’ve been asked to dinner for Mother’s Day by a friend of a friend. I really don’t feel like going.

For starters, he wants to date me, and that’s not happening for several reasons.

1) I’m not ready to date.
2) I’m not ready to date.
3) I’m not ready to date.
4) It seems I’ll still be dealing with crazy (JR’s nickname) for a while, no way I would involve anyone (except the authorities) in that.
5) This guy has said nearly every red flag phrase and I’ve only been around him twice, for a couple hours at a time. Including but not limited to; “Where have you been??” “We’ve gone through similar/the same things” Calling me “My Love” instead of using my name. -That one is a HUGE irritation for me, terms of endearment from people who don’t know me. Or people who do know me, but won’t utter my name. Summer guy did that constantly,  not once did he ever say my name. Sorry, tangent.- And he wants to “help” me with crazy.
6) He spent the better part of the last time I was around him trying to convince me he’s a good guy. “I’m a good guy because of this, that, and this.”
7) He claims he wants someone who he can carry on a conversation with, but asked me a question, I got one sentence out and was then interrupted and he continued to talk. (About how our lives/experiences are so similar!)

I think that’s enough reasons. The first three reasons are plenty really. I made it crystal clear that I’m not dating anyone right now. I’m only 4 months out of an abusive relationship.  He said we can go as “just friends”, I’m still reluctant. I will drive myself there, and pay for myself,  and leave when I feel like.


3 thoughts on “Trepidation

  1. An update: I canceled. He also told me, “We can go eat where ever you want.” I therefor decided what restaurant I wanted to go to, (picked one about halfway between us) let him know I would meet him there at the agreed upon time. He then tried to get me to go to a bar instead, much further away. I told him we could do this a different time, I don’t want to go to a bar. I’m not a big drinker, I made that clear as well before this. Then I get a phone call from the friend I met him through, asking what happened because supposedly this guy is freaking out. No thanks. I’m not in high school, I don’t do the whole middle man thing. I doubt this will even work out as “friends”.


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