Mayhap the Clock got Shorter

More forced contact (harassment), 10 days from the last time. He called my job, at first talked to his FM and then called back after she left for the day. Said he wanted stuff for this thing that’s been taking up space for ages, long before I was a blip on his radar. (I work retail sales) He’s got a sudden need to work on this thing. He then says, “I’ll be coming up there in a few minutes, if that’s ok?” -voice shaking again- Asking my permission now? Seriously? He’s not even pretending that he’s trying to avoid me anymore. I suppose this is the downside to having my car in the lot. He can drive stalk past and know I’m there. I dismissed his question by stating what time we were open till. But then let him know that we didn’t have the other item he wanted, he was so disappointed.

I’m wondering how long he will keep this up. I’m thinking at least as long as 7 months, which means I have at least 3 months to go. Bring it on sucker.


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