Here I Am Again at 2am

As is always the case when I have to deal with anything to do with JR. I spent the last few evenings scouring the interwebs for help, legal wise. I’ve spent days printing emails, gathering evidence, printing web pages, pictures. It’s exhausting, but at the same time it makes the insomnia come back. I’m guessing that’s the PTSD. Lately it doesn’t last as long as it had been in the past. Instead of being out of it for over a week, it has been lasting a couple days. Baby steps.

Today’s revelation (03-03) was the unmasking of yet another of his flying monkeys. Thankfully someone who I no longer work with, who walked off the job a week before. This ex co worker had been fishing for information since I moved out of the house. Asking me if I was dating anyone, “Of course not. I was in a committed relationship. I was in love.  I was invested in the relationship with him. This has been devastating to me. I’ve only been gone for two weeks, of course I’m not dating anyone. I didn’t cheat. I didn’t have someone spending the night (all week) 6 days after moving out of our bedroom” – note to self, don’t tell him anything relevant.

Ex co worker had made it known to me that JR still texted him on a weekly basis, inviting him out to Monday nights at Hooters. He maintained that he didn’t respond to JR. I didn’t buy it due to the amount of fishing expeditions this guy attempted with me. Since ex coworker was very obvious in his quest for information about me, I had to resist feeding him false information. It was tempting. I could have easily done it, and he likely would have believed me. But, I’m committed to not feeding the beast. I’ve been completely no contact since December 25, and even still JR is like clock work every two weeks trying to get a reaction out of me.

What alarmed me was when he told me that JR is planning on buying a new car, and he would let me know what kind he buys. I don’t want to know. I can see where he would think that information would be helpful, especially since I’m being stalked and harassed. I don’t even want the possibility of it seeming like I’m trying to get information about JR, from anyone. I don’t want to know. Period. I keep having to tell people that. I don’t want to know. Don’t tell me.

When I left, I stepped away from JR’s friends. Once I hit the end of January, the last month I paid rent at his house, I stopped texting the roommate M. Most of my contact with M had been regarding retrieving my belongings from the house. He was acting like a friend, but I didn’t trust his manner. He is and was JR’s friend first and foremost. Since he had been getting a free ride at that house for almost a year, I didn’t think he wasn’t going to screw that up. I don’t think it was a coincidence that he texted me out of the blue wanting to get together, and when finding out my days off JR showed up at my job on one of the two days. Alright then, done with you sir. Be gone monkey!

On the other hand, JR stepped up his contact with MY friends and co workers after I left. I tried to warn the ex coworker for his reasoning behind trying to suddenly become friends with him, but it fell on deaf ears. He’ll find out soon enough that he’s just a pawn to him. Oh well.


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