So Far, So Good

I’m feeling pretty good this week, even though my youngest and I are getting over strep throat. Even though he popped stalked into work last week. Even though it will be that two week time again, and it’s likely to be big this time. How or what he will do, I’m not sure, but I’m sure it will be memorable. I’m sure he’ll try to see that I pay somehow. And it will be because of my phone. That pesky bit of technology that he hated so, especially at the end. Partially because it was mine and it connected me to others who weren’t him. Mostly because I must be using mine the same manner he was using his.

Because of the wrath of using my phone, communicating with anyone who wasn’t him, I withdrew. I don’t have a large circle of friends to begin with, I’m lucky I have any left after being in that all consuming suck hole of a relationshit.

This week I’ve got plans, with people that he knows, and I am a little nervous. I’m going to emerge from my protective bubble, from my cozy nest I’ve made. I will know by the end of this week if I will carry on with any of them, or if they will fall by the wayside like a couple of others. I plan on doing my best to enjoy myself, and not let him ruin that. This week I’m not afraid, I’m indifferent.  At least for now.


2 thoughts on “So Far, So Good

  1. Ohhhhhh, the phone! How many arguments i had with the XSocio about it. The countless false accusations, the countless words of ‘what am i hiding’ etc. And i especially love the sentence ‘i must be using mine in the same manner’. GREAT GREAT post! ~Hugs~ and good thoughts for you this week on emerging from your bubble. YOU can do it. You have already been to hell and back.


    • I was vague in this post about the goings on, I don’t want to jinx this coming weekend. I’ll elaborate more next week. 🙂 I look forward to having fun.

      I’m sure I’ll end up with an entire post about my phone, I know there’s enough material. LOL I find the humor in it now, but at the time it was maddening.


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